Due to the widely varying nature of employment law matters, we set our fees on a case-by-case basis. We offer competitive pricing that can be tailored according to our clients’ needs.


Choosing a lawyer is a serious matter and you should have the opportunity to speak with prospective legal counsel before investing time and resources. If you are interested in learning about how we may be able to assist you and the fees and costs that may be associated with your potential matter, please contact us to schedule a no obligation initial consultation.

Hourly Fees

In cases where the scope of work is not easily estimated, we generally will charge for our services on an hourly rate basis. Examples of matters for which our services are typically charged on an hourly rate basis include negotiations, contract drafting, and defendant-side litigation.

Contingent Fees

In some cases, such as plaintiff-side litigation, we may agree that payment of our fees may be made on a contingent-type arrangement. Under a contingent fee arrangement, fees become payable when an outcome of matter is achieved.

Initial Retainer

In some cases, typically including litigation, mediation, and negotiation matters, we may request an initial retainer payment, the amount of which will be calculated in accordance with the complexity and scope of the case. Initial payment and other ongoing fees and costs will be set forth in a written retainer agreement executed between us.

Flat Fees

In cases where the scope of work is readily identifiable and it can be expected that our final fees and costs will vary little from our initial estimate, we may agree to apply a flat fee arrangement.